Important Terms!


Guests Agree to Respect the Peace & Quiet of the Neighborhood
By Not Disturbing the Neighbors

Failure to comply will result in a surrender of all the security deposit and/or law enforcement contact!

The cabin is located in Frontier Trails, which has a very active and responsive Homeowner’s Association. Frontier Trails residents have all chosen to live there because of the peaceful, natural setting.

You may not know that in our area sound reflects off the mountain walls and seems to become intensified. Our neighborhood is so quiet and peaceful that the Kern River, which is approximately 1.5 miles away, can be heard at the cabin. In fact, when you first arrive, you will notice that you may feel a bit unusual because it is sooo quiet. Then you will hear the birds sing, hear some rustling on other birds in the bushes and feel you can take a deep breath and take in the peace and quiet. The cabin is comfortable and homey, a place where you can put your feet on the coffee table and relax.

So please understand that I will need to know a little bit more about your plans and your group and what you are looking for in a vacation rental. If you are looking for a place to be wild, loud, boisterous and not comply with rules; this cabin is not for you or your party. We are interested in only respectful guests and families.

Our conditions of occupancy include the same conditions of all local, state and federal campsites. We require a 10pm noise curfew. This requires that at 10pm all activities must be limited to a normal speech volume, no music or other sounds that can be heard beyond 25 feet. This is the Kern Country Sheriff enforced ordinances that are applicable and enforceable.

We absolutely do NOT allow smoking in the cabin. Outdoor smoking is discouraged because of the high fire threat in this area. Please remove all cigarette butts from the outside area, driveway and road to the cabin. This may be a good time to consider giving up smoking completely.

Guns, rifles, BB guns and sling shots are not permitted in the cabin. We are very fond of the mountain critters and we protect them as best we can.

As you are aware the cabin is in the country, there are animals and reptiles that are dangerous to you and your pets. Housebroken dogs are welcome but must be leashed while outside the cabin. You are also responsible to pick up and properly dispose of their droppings.

Infringement of these reservation and these rental rules will immediately result in the non-refundable cancellation of you and your party’s stay at the cabin. The Kern River Cabin is privately owned; the owners are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises. The owners are not responsible for any loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest.

By accepting and signing the reservation form and the additional conditions on the previous page, all the cabin guests are agreeing to assume any risk of any harm or injury while at the cabin.

In addition to the other items mentioned on the reservation form, if you are in agreement with all of these conditions; I would like to extend an invitation to stay at the cabin.